Punktendo: Anarchy in the NES

Mega Danzig!

Mega Danzig!

It doesn’t happen very often, but when the world of video games and the world of music come together, an unusual brand of alchemy is born. In order to understand this a little better, it’s important that you check out Punktendo, a website dedicated to inserting alumni from the world of punk and heavy metal into classic NES games.

There are currently eight games available for play–my personal favorites are Danzig, a mod of Mega Man in which the titular hero has been replaced by Glenn Danzig, and Milo-Fu, a rendition of Kung-Fu that features the cartoonified version of Descendents lead vocalist Milo Aukerman.

For those who like a little social commentary with their 8-bit gaming, Punktendo also features Gay Popeye and Racist’s Alley. Gay Popeye has the player going toe to toe with Olive Oyl while Bluto drops hearts from above–still not quite sure how to use my keyboard to go about rescuing Popeye’s boyfriend. Every time I tried to punch Olive, she kicked my ass. I’m currently in the process of figuring out what button acts like the Lightgun for Racist’s Alley, however.  Check out the site and remember how punk rock the original NES really was.

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