Katy Perry is a Hot Cheeto

I’ve never had strong feelings about Katy Perry one way or another.  She’s gorgeous, she’s got a few catchy tunes, and one time my brother-in-law rolled a gutterball because her video for “California Gurls” was being broadcast directly in front of us (he threw the ball at the exact moment that the video cut to Perry shooting whipped cream out of her boobs, which was a bit distracting).

Based on her Halloween costume this year, however, I think I might have to kick my respect for her up a few notches.  According to Time.com, Perry attended Kate Hudson’s annual Halloween party dressed as a flamin’ hot Cheeto.  Observe:

Chinchilla/Bauer-Griffin—GC Images / Getty Images

Chinchilla/Bauer-Griffin—GC Images / Getty Images

As you can plainly see, this costume is amazing.  Upon further research, I also stumbled upon this picture of Perry in a pizza onesie, and I think it’s safe to say that I have a new-found respect for the pop songstress:

via Splash News

via Splash News

And with that, may you all have a happy Halloween.

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