Indie Jones: “Battle Chef Brigade” by Trinket Studios

BCB 1Though many epic culinary battles have taken place within the cutthroat arena of Kitchen Stadium, one can’t help but wonder how much more exciting Iron Chef America would be if dragons were somehow involved.  This is the concept behind Trinket Studios‘ upcoming release Battle Chef Brigade–all the pageantry and competitive spirit of Iron Chef, but with more fireballs and ogres.

The game puts players in control of a Battle Chef, one of five fearsome warriors who use magical powers and enchanted blades to slay fantastical creatures and use their raw materials to prepare dishes for a panel of judges.  Unlike other cooking-centric games, Battle Chef Brigade lets the player decide what he/she will make to best suit the judges’ palates.


Trinket Studios has more than doubled their Kickstarter goal, which means we can look for this title sometime in the next year or so.  To celebrate, here’s a supercut of Mark Dacascos doing what he does best:



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